Nondual encountering is not at all complicated. As a subject of truth, it’s as simple as thumping in to your home table. One should just recognize that once you push into your dining table, you also bump in to all the encountering that arises. Your complete neurology merely reacts to the situation.

Whenever you understand that you and others don’t consciously get a handle on the perceptions, feelings, thoughts, and thoughts that happen in virtually any condition, you’re ready to accept being the nonduality experiencing of every moment. Booming in to a dining table is not any different than encountering the others of life. Everything you are may be the experiencing of an learned and trained neurology “booming into” living situations.

If you are booming in to a desk, conference a buddy in the park, contemplating the good qualities and negatives of “paper vs. plastic” in the checkout point, awed with a wonderful dawn, or grieving the death of a loved one, it’s all area of the experiencing of living. Suffering, pleasure, frustration, beauty, wonder, and grief are some of the numerous aspects of living which are skilled across the way.

Every 2nd of residing is interpreted through the lens of your absolutely distinctive neurology that’s been developed and designed throughout your genetics and life conditioning. You’re the experiencing of your neurological contact conference life. With this particular knowledge, “living” becomes the magnificent and totally unique encountering of each moment.

The good news is that you’re always already the encountering of life. Whatever allows for the dismantling of “the illusion of aware get a grip on around your present time experiencing” is only going to free you to find what you presently are. And then there you’ll be, the nondual encountering you have been searching for, but that you’ve generally currently been. You’ll merely be the dynamic experiencing of living – all “Am” and no


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