The KD Clever Seat includes a distinctive visual look to it that is different from one other models on the market. It is however light weight and fold-able, but it lacks several important features. It comes with a easy to use folding process where you force together two plastic pieces that start the folding action. But, you’ve to spin the hands table time smart before you begin the flip, otherwise they will get stuck. The Wise Seat doesn’t stand up on it’s rear wheels, which in fact when you consider it, is not to smart.

On the KD Smart Seat site, owner claims that the lithium battery may vacation up to 15 miles, but that is not really possible. KD Smart Chair Coupon Code officialr like to see third party lab testing straight back up this declare, but we are unable to find such information. Inside their user information, provided by the manufacturer, it obviously claims that the exact distance score is in fact 9.3 miles.

Additionally, we also note that KD Clever Seat claims that their chair is removable, but in our screening, we really note that the chair is riveted to the frame and there is number freezer to start the seat to remove the interior cushion. Therefore, the chair is not actually removable.

We also see on the internet site that the state is that the seat can support passengers weighing around 265 pounds, which again is not true because the merchandise person manual claims it is only 250 pounds. It’s significant to point out that the 265 lb status is 1 lb more than what the Portashopper, Foldawheel and EZ Lite Cruiser standard model are rated for. We believe that KD Wise Seat is misleading consumers by declaring that their chair may help an increased weight volume, although with a negligible volume that basically indicates nothing. A person with common sense can easily see they’re only trying to ‘one up’their competition but it’s futile. As you can see from their images, overloading their little 6″ entrance caster wheels may be difficult and trigger those wheels to separate if too much fill is applied. A good folding energy wheelchair can utilize at the least a 7″ wide and 2″ thick front wheels for included support.


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